What is the Hype mentoring scheme?

We work with a lot of students. We recently asked them what we could do to help them with the first step in their careers. The most popular answer, overwhelmingly, was mentoring.

As a marketing agency, we thought this was something we could help out with pretty easily. We’ve got a decent network of industry contacts, and are chatting to new brands all the time.

And so, the Hype Mentoring scheme was born.

Can I be a mentor?

The Hype mentoring scheme helps students interested in marketing/advertising/comms take their first steps in their career. We're looking for people with a few years of experience in the field to meet them once a month over a six month period.

We'll provide guidance on how to mentor your student - all we ask is that you bring a passion for helping young people. If you want to know more, drop us an email at simon@hypecollective.co.uk. To register your interest, click the button below: