Adobe Brand Ambassador Campaign

Adobe has launched the Digital Edge Award and we’re looking for brand ambassadors to spread the word to students & academics at your university

Job description:

You’ll be tasked with contacting academics across your university and asking them to share information about the Digital Edge Award with their students. Your aim will be to get a minimum of 10 academics to share the details.

On top of that, we want to make sure as many interested students as possible find out about the award, so you’ll be asked to spread the word to society groups as well.

Who we are looking for:

You’ll be perfect for this if you are:

  • Target driven
  • Fearless when it comes to outreach
  • Organised and can keep track of a lot of different conversations

Note: You won’t be asked to create content for this campaign. This is focused on sharing information and outreach


This campaign will start after easter and cover 10 hours over a period of up to 4 weeks.



plus performance incentives!

You’ve read this far, so that hopefully means you’re keen to apply. Click this link to start your application process. If you pass this stage, we’ll set up an interview with one of our HQ team.

Applications are open now, so go for it, and good luck!

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