Student Influencer Opportunity!

Spring is approaching and new opportunities are coming your way! We’ve got a super exciting job opportunity with a large UK supermarket chain coming up.

Job description:

You’d be tasked with taking part in a challenge that would require you to pop into your local store to get a few bits to make yourself an Instagram-worthy meal. We then want you to document the process of making it on your Instagram, with 3 stories, including the final result. Finally, we’d want you to post your creation (in either photo or video format) as a grid post to your Instagram page.

This is a paid campaign, and will look great on your CV!

Who we are looking for:

We’re looking for UK university students who are excited and passionate about producing content on their social channels. Ideally, we’d want you to have flaunted your cooking skills on your socials in the past. Even better, if you’re socials are centered around creating food-related content, you’ll get bonus points from us! At the very least, you should be passionate about making great meals in general.

Finally, we want very active social media users, with 2K+ followers. 

You’ve read this far, so that hopefully means you’re keen to apply. Click this link to start your application process. If you pass this stage, we’ll set you up for an interview with one of our HQ team.

Applications are open now, so go for it, and good luck!

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