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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday. We’ve got some really exciting work opportunities that have come up on our radar this week. As usual, get involved and put yourselves out there if any of these interest you! Next week will have a ton of exciting new... Read More
As per usual we’ve distilled down some of the UK’s finest opportunities for students so you don’t have to go searching. Spotify: Next Wave Spotify have recently launched Next Wave to help aspiring podcasters on their journey. Every student that submits an episode will get 3 months of free software... Read More
Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely week, and that you’re not all too overwhelmed with university work. As usual, I’m back with the best opportunities that have come on our radar this week. TIKTOK: SUMMER INTERNSHIPS Are you interested for working for the giant that is TikTok?... Read More
Hi everyone, happy Guy Fawkes day! As usual, we’re here to give you the best student opportunities, that have dropped on to our radar this week. Take a look, and see if anything below is for you! If not, we’ll be back next week with brand new opportunities for you... Read More
Welcome back everyone! If you haven’t read ‘The Scoop’ before, let me put it simply for you. Every week, we post fab creative opportunities and CV boosters, for you guys to take a peak at. We want to give students as much help as possible to succeed, so we hope... Read More
Hi Everyone, welcome back to The Scoop! We’ve got loads of different opportunities for you to take a peak at this week, and I hope we’ve included at least one that you’re ready to go for! As always, I’ll be back next week with more opportunities, so stay tuned. PART... Read More