Student brand ambassadors

We work with a network of over 5,000 sports teams and societies. This means our student brand ambassador campaigns drive grassroots engagement like no other. How do we approach a student brand ambassador activation? Read on to find out...

1) Targetting

We’ve built an in-house mapping tool that lists every student halls, students’ union, and university location in the UK. We combine this data with a detailed demographic breakdown of every university student body.

We call it LANDSCAPE.

It allows us to target the right universities, the right event spaces, the right streets, so whatever activity we do, it reaches the right audience. We’ll use this tool, along with the input from you, to select our which universities we go to, and where our brand ambassadors operate.

2) Brand ambassador recruitment

Our recruitment model harnesses the power of our society network. The exact approach will of course differ from campaign to campaign. Typically we'll email the the entire database with any opportunities, following up with more a targeted approach.

For example, if you're a consumer sports brand, we'll target the captains of university sports teams. If you're a vegan brand, we can speak to vegan and vegetarian societies. The power of the society network means we can scale our recruitment, or get hyper-focussed.

3) Training

The key to training a successful brand ambassador campaign is in the training. Knowledgable and enthusiasm are what we focuss on the most. For that reason, we'll always try and get the client involved wherever possible - because know one knows your product better than you. That said, we're happy to conduct all of the training ourselves.

We always aim to do the training face-to-face at our office in London. We make a full day of it, to ensure the brand ambassadors are fully engaged, and an extension of your brand.

4) Management and incentives

Management: We'll always be in constant contact with the brand ambassadors. Each week, they'll submit a progress report on activity, which we review and feedback on. Then, we'll follow up with a quick check-in over the phone to make sure they're on track. We'll compile all this and feed back to you, the client, on a weekly basis. This means you always know what's going on on the ground, but don't have the stress of dealing with dozens (or hundreds!) or students. In addition to this, we have a WhatsApp group with all our brand ambassadors for urgent communications.

Incentives: There's typically small incentives on offer each week for our student brand ambassadors. Things like ASOS vouchers, experience days and festival tickets. This keeps them focussed and engaged in the short run. In addition to this, the best 10% of brand ambassadors on any campaign we run earn a spot on the Hype Collective holiday (don't worry, this doesn't come out of your budget!).

Want to hear more?

If you're looking to run a student brand ambassador campaign, get in touch with our lovely managing director, Simon, on