Brand manager jobs

We run stunts and events for brands across UK universities. We need social, well-connected young people to be at the forefront of this.

Flexible hours, register below.


Society sponsorship

A lot of campaigns will involve a partnership with a university society, who'll promote a brand on campus in return for a sponsorship package that can be put towards the running of the society. If you'd like to hear more about our sponsorship options, fill out the form below.



We work with a lot of students. We recently asked them what we could do to help them with the first step in their careers. The most popular answer, overwhelmingly, was mentoring.

As a marketing agency, we thought this was something we could help out with pretty easily. We’ve got a decent network of industry contacts, and are chatting to new brands all the time.

If you want to know want to know more about gettig a mentor - or being one - head on over to our mentoring hub.