The challenge

StudentUniverse wanted an on campus activity that drove users to an online hub for their partner, the Northern Territory tourism board. We knew the budget was limited, so whatever we did had to be simple and scalable. It also had to drive results.

What we did

We thought to ourselves, when are students most likely to want to escape the UK? Probably right after one of their exams. And what symbolises escape? Probably a free ticket out of here.

So we printed thousands of 'boarding passes' - that is, a flyer, that looks an awful lot like a free ticket to Oz.

One of these tickets was real. Students were told to go online - and enter their details - to find out if their ticket was the real one.

The results

This simple campaign resulted in a 23% conversion rate. That is, nearly one in four flyers handed out resulted in an online signup.

The client said they'd never seen a conversion rate so high. And we're inclined to agree.