What do we do?

Let’s start with the basics. We’re a student marketing agency. We work primarily across experiential, content and research.

Team Hype

We're a small team of marketers and creatives, and work out of the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey. Below is the core team - we've built a small network of freelancers who help us out from time to time, too.

Simon Lucey

Managing Director

Paul Stollery

Creative Director

Dan Partington

Account Manager & Events Producer

Emily Munster


Josh Akapo

Youth Marketing Assistant

Who do we work for

We haven’t been around long, but in just over a year we’ve built up a pretty decent client list. You, too, could have your logo featured on this list. (Hint hint send us a brief.)

The Alcohol Issue, Part One

Students are drinking less. We know this. But how is this affecting the life of the typical student?

The Alcohol Issue is a result of seven focus groups, a natiowide survey and interviews with prominent figures from across the alcohol industry.

We explored everything from peer pressue to mental health to what drinks students are loyal to (spoiler alert: the cheap ones).