We put on the best show in our

town then mobilise our student network

to drive footfall and engagement.

Campus marketing

Hype Collective can engage students through campus tours, event marketing and student brand ambassador campaigns.

We then mobilise our society network to drive footfall and engagement.

Our society network.

Every campaign should start with the simple question: what is the audience getting from this? Why should they give a shit? Only by answering these questions can you create campaigns that engage – genuinely engage – on campus.

That’s why we’ve built up a network of 1,000 sports teams and societies across the UK. We partner with them on events and campaigns to help with everything from driving foot traffic to events to providing insights fresh from campus. Through this model we’ve contributed over £10,000 to cash strapped student groups, and employed hundreds of students.

This network helps us put bums on seats at events and drives additional foot traffic to campus activations.

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