The challenge

Co-op wanted to spread their core messages of sustainability and community to students on campus whilst also ensuring they drove footfall into store.

What we did

We took a pop-up shop onto campus. The twist? Your money is no good here. Instead of paying with cash students had to pledge an action to help the environment or their community. Every student left with a freebie, an awareness of what Co-op was doing in the community and for the environment and a voucher to use in store.

The results

An average of 590 students per event day made a pledge. The most popular pledge was “Reduce my impact on the environment by using more recycled products”.

“Loved the pop-up, got some much-needed bits and bobs and didn’t realise that Co-op did so much community stuff” Rhiannon, Swansea

“I’ve never seen something like this on campus before! It’s gonna be the highlight of my day” Kate, Liverpool

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